League Rules and Policies

Except for the regulations covered in these rules, all rules of the Pataskala Recreation Association Soccer program will follow those of Ohio South Youth Soccer Association and FIFA.


City of Pataskala Soccer League Philosophy: The City of Pataskala’s Soccer League exists to fully develop the physical and social attributes of individual players in a positive athletic environment.  We believe that all players should have fun, develop skills, learn to appreciate the game of soccer and the importance of sportsmanship and teamwork. 

The City endorses and promotes positive coaching that offers praise and encouragement towards players.   We believe that playing the game is the most important reason for the contest and not who wins or loses. 

To further promote sportsmanship amongst our players, coaches, parents and spectators, the league has adopted a Code of Sportsmanship that all players and coaches line up and shake hands before and after each game.  


Team Organization:  

1. All participants of the Soccer League must be registered through the City of Pataskala.  A registration form must be on file for each participant and signed by a parent or court appointed guardian.   

2. Age divisions for the recreational soccer league may be as follows:   

4-Year-Old Coed   

5-Year-Old Coed   

6-Year-Old Coed   

7-Year-Old Coed   

8-Year-Old Coed    

9-10-Year-Old Coed    

11-12-Year-Old Coed    

12-14-Year-Old Coed 

  NOTE:  All ages will be determined by the player’s age as of the first game day of each season.  We reserve the right to alter the age divisions as deemed necessary for appropriate player roster numbers for game play as determined at the close of registration for each season. 

Once a team is established, each player will remain on that team unless specifically approved by the Parks Manager.   

Brothers and sisters who are in the same age division may be placed on the same team for family convenience.   

Player additions or deletions can only be made through the parks manager 

No refunds will be granted once teams are rostered and the season’s coaches meeting is held.



Each player will be required to utilize an official reversible green/white soccer jersey or the white and green new design uniform.  

All players must wear shin guards. 

All players must wear soccer cleats or tennis shoes. 

Absolutely no jewelry, including post earrings, may be worn at any time.  


Playing Requirements: 

1. Each player who is eligible must participate in each game according to the following rules: 

No player will sit out two quarters until all other players have sat out at least one quarter;

Each player will play in an offensive position (if desired) for at least one quarter of each game he/she participates in; 

No player shall sit out consecutive quarters. 

2. Every effort should be made to play the game as scheduled.  If a coach cannot field a team, notify the other coach and parks manager before the game starts.  Playing options include borrowing a player, both teams playing with fewer players, or any variation deemed appropriate by the Parks Manager on game day. 

 Note:  In these situations, teams are limited to fielding no more than two players more than their opponent (i.e. maximum two-man advantage). 

 3. Mercy Rule:  If at any time the goal differential between the opposing teams reaches 4, the team that is behind may add one player to the field.  If the goal differential between the two teams reaches 6, the team that is behind may add an additional player (for a total of 2 additional players).   

 4. As a matter of sportsmanship, and in keeping with the mission of soccer program, coaches are encouraged to address a potential imbalance between teams through rotation of players on the field and position of players due to strength and experience.  


Player/Team Conduct:   

Any person acting in a discourteous manner toward an official, player, or parent shall be subject to immediate removal, either by the Parks Manager or any legal manner deemed necessary. 

Profanity of any kind will result in ejection from the game, regardless of where or to whom it is directed.  This applies to all persons. 3

Any person displaying behavior that is detrimental to the league, its participants or its mission, will be escorted from the fields by a referee or league official and will be banned from returning to the city’s soccer league practices or games for a time determined by the PRA Board.   



Smoking is not permitted at, around or near the soccer fields or soccer concession stand, at city sanctioned events, games or practices. Minimum distance is 150 yards from active soccer play or the affiliated spectator area. 

Hard cast and splints will not be permitted on the playing field.  Any player with a cast or splint will not be permitted to practice or play. 

Littering is not acceptable.  Trashcans are provided.  If a trashcan is full, please advise a league official and take your trash with you. 

The City is governed by the National Federation of State High School Association/ OSYSA “Bleed Rule”: a.) If a player is bleeding, the referee will call an official time out.  A substitute must replace the affected player. b.) The bleeding must be stopped and the wound covered prior to the player returning to the field. c.) If any part of the player’s uniform is saturated with blood, that uniform part must be changed prior to the player returning to the game. d.) It is the referee’s discretion to determine is a bleeding incident has been sufficiently managed to allow the player to return to the field. 


Rule Alteration:  

The City of Pataskala reserves the right to change, amend, alter, or edit the rules.

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