Soccer FAQ

Q: When do you offer youth soccer?

A: We offer youth soccer leagues for the Spring and Fall season. A summer training program is offered for ages 3-17 years old.


Q: Can a recreational league conduct competitive games?
A: Yes, we will give an opportunity for players who display high level of skill and the ability to be coached to play additional games on top of the regular season 8 games being scheduled in 2023


Best Practice 

Q: Do players have to wear masks when engaging in skills training?
A: No. It is a recommended best practice that Parents/Guardians should wear face coverings inside training facilities.

Q: Are parents permitted to watch the skills training?
A: Yes. Parents/guardians can remain at the training facility; Feel free to use the park for fitness opportunities while taking advantage of our walking path and trail within Foundation Park.


Q: Do I need a uniform?

  1. A uniform this fall season is needed. We encourage you purchase directly from our website. 
    1. White Competitor tee
    2. Kelly Green Competitor tee
  2. Do not add images/art as the vendor will get this placed on at no additional cost to you. This is for the uniforms only


Q: When does Summer 2023 Soccer Specific Athletic Training begin?

  1. The training sessions will begin July 2023. Registration opens in January 2023


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