Liberty Park

Liberty Park

Liberty Park offers an appealing blend of natural features and recreation facilities nestled in the Taylor Glen subdivision off Taylor Road.  This 8-acre park boasts a 2-acre pond and a woodlot with mature trees in addition to sunny open fields.  Bird nesting boxes have been installed and the pond has been stocked with fish to enhance these natural features.  Recent park improvements made possible through an ODNR NatureWorks grant include a walking path, a nature play area in the woods, and a patio for picnics and other gatherings.  

Amenities currently available at Liberty Park include:

- Fishing pond

- Nature playground

- Picnic patio with grill

- Paved walking path


Potential Improvements and Additions include:  

- Fishing overlook/boat ramp

- Add caged basketball court

- Extend existing asphalt walking path around pond

- Add shade structure to patio 

Liberty Park Construction Project

The Pataskala Parks and Recreation Department is pleased to announce that work will begin July 13 on a long awaited project to add new facilities to Liberty Park in the Taylor Glen subdivision in Pataskala.  The project is a partnership between the city and the state, made possible through a $68,000 grant awarded last year by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ “NatureWorks” grant program.

The project will include construction of a shelter house, establishment of a walking path, and the addition of a nature playground in a wooded area.  The existing gravel parking lot will also be expanded.  During the construction project, no parking will be allowed on a short stretch of Roscommon Drive north of the parking lot to allow unimpeded access for construction equipment.

Pataskala Parks and Recreation Manager Lenier Crawford sees the project as an opportunity to add value to a city and neighborhood resource.  “When we applied for and received the NatureWorks grant in 2018, Liberty Park was one of the first parks I wanted to focus on because there were no facilities besides the two-acre pond, a patch of woods and an open field,” said Crawford.  “This project will help bring more family enjoyment for the neighborhood.”  

As part of the Parks and Recreation Department’s focus on enhancing existing resources, the woods at Liberty Park were improved this spring with the removal of invasive species in the understory, along with dead and dangling tree limbs.  Bird nesting boxes were added at the woodland edge to attract bluebirds.  In addition, the paths through the woods were cleared and widened for more pleasant woodland walks.  

Construction work is due to be completed in approximately eight weeks.

Liberty Park is located at the intersection of Taylor Glen Boulevard and Roscommon Drive.  Park visitors are reminded to observe social distancing of at least six feet at this time. 

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