Running & Walking Club

We are looking for walkers & runners of all ages who aspire to become healthier & more active!

If you are interested in becoming part of a walking or running group follow the link below!

Join a group


Challenge rules

  • Participants are asked to post pictures of your completed workout updates with the banner in each park, report all success and/or setbacks for group encouragement and accountability
  • No Negativity or judgments (We are all striving to better ourselves)
  • Have your accomplishment card punched for prizes and race entry discounts.
  • Learn, Have fun, Forgive yourself for mistakes and DON'T GIVE UP!!


When will the Run/Walk Club meet?

  • Every Saturday starting January 8th


Where will the club meet?

  • January-October: Foundation Park: 1st/4th Saturday of each month
  • January: Liberty Park: 2nd/3rd Saturday 
  • February: Freedom Park: 2nd/3rd Saturday
  • March: Karr Park:2nd/3rd Saturday

Incentives/Prizes: Must have 

  • Local race discounts: Held in Foundation Park 
  • Water Bottles
  • Adult Pool Membership (Pataskala Municipal Pool)
  • Sweat Towels



At each location you will have the certainty that someone will be onsite who is First Aid/CPR/AED certified. The first aid kit and AED will be on site at each location for your safety. Snacks will be provided for those who may need to take advantage of the increased energy to fuel your runs.

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