Rules & Responsibilities

Playersʼ R & Rʼs


Work hard, have fun and do your best effort every time you are on the field for practices or games.


Wear or bring all required equipment to each practice and game, this includes shin guards,proper shoes, water bottle and jersey on game day.


Pay attention to your coach when they are speaking and providing instructions on or off the field. Respect the decision of the referee.


Be a team player. Learn the rules of soccer and play by them at all times. Develop teamwork and learn sportsmanship and practice them.


Disrespectful behavior to coaches, referees or other players will not be tolerated. The use of indecent or profane language is unacceptable. Use of such language may result in game or league suspension.


Fighting, horseplay or any physical or verbal abuse will not be tolerated. Penalties may include ejection from the practice or game. League suspension may result as well

Parentsʼ R & Rʼs

Be sure that your child attends practices and games. If unable to attend either, please notify your coach or team parent.


Ensure that your child brings all equipment needed to practice and to games.


Support your childʼs coach and help when you can. Disagreements with your coach do not belong on the field. Questions, input and positive suggestions should be voiced to the coach in the absence of players.


Parents are encouraged to come and watch, but should not shout instructions from the sidelines. This causes confusion.


Parents and spectators should remain a reasonable distance from the sidelines and across the field from the team. Parents should not stand behind the goal posts or goal line. Parents should not go on the field before, during or in between the periods.


Parents are expected to set a good example for the players at all times by their positive behavior, sportsmanship, attitude and language. Abusive language, behavior or physical assault may result in immediate suspension from participation in the soccer program.


Parents are expected to demonstrate respect for the referees. Any concerns should be brought to the attention of the coach or the soccer coordinator in the absence of the player(s).

Coachesʼ R & Rʼs

Coaches are expected to demonstrate good sportsmanship and treat players fairly.


Organize practices to train soccer fundamentals appropriate to the age group.


Provide a safe, positive environment, ensure player safety and ensure that an authorized adult picks up each child.


Play each player on the team to the level of their ability.


Ensure that players and no more than two coaches are on one side of the field, with parents and spectators situated on the opposite side. Coaches should not go beyond their half line, nor should they go on the field or stand behind the goal line.


Know the rules, respect the referees and act in a controlled manner on the field.


Disrespectful behavior to players, coaches spectators or referees will not be tolerated and may result in league suspension.

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